Peer with Kusakabe Shi

This page provides the information to get started on peering with the KSKB-DN42 and KSKB-NEO network

I operates 2 networks KSKB-DN42(AS4242421817) and KSKB-NEO(AS4201271111)
They are fully isolated except peering with eBGP to help me experiment different things.
For example, they use different architecture and different routing policy.
I use two ASN for them for batter isolation, welcome to peer with both my network!

What is DN42?

DN42 is a big dynamic VPN, which employs Internet technologies (BGP, whois database, DNS, etc) for educational and amateur scientific research purposes. Participants connect to each other using network tunnels (GRE, OpenVPN, Tinc, IPsec, Wireguard) and exchange routes thanks to the BGP.

Network addresses are assigned in the and range and private AS numbers are used as well as IPv6 addresses from the ULA-Range (fd00::/8)

DN42 can be used to learn networking and to connect private networks, such as hackerspaces or community networks. But above all, experimenting with routing in DN42 is fun!

Peering Requests

If you’d like to peer with me, you can...

  1. Contact me on telegram
  2. Contact me on irc nickname kskb
  3. Contact me via email [email protected]
  4. Use AutoPeer service listed below

BGP support

Peer with Multiprotocol BGP and Extended next hop over IPv6 link local address is preffered

  • Multiprotocol BGP: supported and preferred
  • Extended next hop: supported and preferred

KSKB-DN42 (AS4242421817)

  • ASN : AS4242421817
  • Routing policy: Cold-potato Routing
  • Architecture: Normal linux distribution.
  • Supported Tunnel Types
    • Wireguard
    • OpenVPN
  • Topology:
    • image

Peering Requirements

To peer with me, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Latency to my node <= 100 ms
  2. You must implement ROA checks
  3. Contact information in the registry must always be up to date and admins must respond when contacted
Autopeer Open Peering Hosting Bandwidth IPv4 IPv6
Taiwan O PC at my home 250Mbps O1 O1
Japan O CNTUG Infra Labs 1Gbps O O
Hong Kong O Licson's Machine 1Gbps O O
Singapore O Oracle Cloud 500Mbps O O
Germany O HTTPX's Machine 1Gbps O O
Netherlands O Zero IX 1Gbps O O
United States Fremont O Skywolf Cloud 1Gbps O O
United States Seattle O MOEIX 250Mbps O O
China Changsha Δ (Manual) MQ's Machine 100Mbps O X
China Beijing Δ (Manual) Lama's Machine 40Mbps O X

KSKB-NEO (AS4201271111)

  • ASN : AS4201271111
  • Routing policy: Hot-potato Routing
  • ISP: Azure App Service
  • ICMP packets are filtered by the Azure, use tcpping to measure the latency
  • Architecture: RootlessRouter-UML
  • Server status:
  • Supported Tunnel Types
  • Wireguard
  • Topology:
  • image
  • Etherguard

Peering Requirements

There are 2 additional requirement for Kusakabe-Neo(AS4201271111)

  1. You must have a public IPv4 endpoint on your side.
  2. You must have at least two peerings already established with other DN42 networks
Autopeer Location Open Peering Plan Bandwidth IPv4 IPv6 Hong Kong O F1 2mbps Δ X Japan Tokyo O F1 2mbps Δ X Singapore O F1 2mbps Δ X United States Washington O B1 2mbps Δ X Canada Toronto O F1 2mbps Δ X Switzerland Zürich O F1 2mbps Δ X Netherlands O F1 2mbps Δ X Australia Canberra O F1 2mbps Δ X United Arab Emirates Dubai O F1 2mbps Δ X


Generally, the symbol means:

Symbol Means
O positive
Δ partially positive
X negative

In the IP section

Symbol Means
O This node have public IP.
You can peer with this node even if you are behind NAT.
Δ This node doesn't have public IP, it's behind NAT.
You have to provide your endpoint
X Not accessable

Dynamic IP

This is an example crontab which cam resolve the ip periodically to prevent lost connection after my IP dynamic changed.

* * * * * wg set dn42-kskb peer "{peer public key}" endpoint "{peer wg endpoint}"

  1. Dynamic IP on my side, please set a cronjob to prevent lost connection after my IP changed. 

  2. Only 9 external port available in my side, contact me if you don't have external port